Monday, January 28, 2008

TONES ON TAIL - Everything

Tones On Tail were originally Daniel Ash (Bauhaus) and Glenn Campling (roadie for Bauhaus). The group was formed in 1982 as a side project for Daniel while he was still in Bauhaus. They were later joined by Kevin Haskins (Bauhaus) after that band's breakup. Though the career of Tones On Tail lasted only a couple of years (1982-1984), the group definitely made a lasting mark with their hard-to-define deep dark blue sound. After Tones On Tail ended, David J. (Bauhaus) rejoined with Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins to form Love and Rockets. Traces of Tones On Tail can be found on the last Bauhaus record, "Burning From The Inside" (particularly on the track "Slice of Life"), as well as the first Love and Rockets LP, "Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven" (particularly on the title track).
"We were a motley crew of individuals who essentiallywanted to sound like a band from Venus or Mars!"
Daniel Ash

Disc One - Pop
1. Lions
2. War
3. Happiness
4. The Never Never (Is Forever)
5. Performance
6. Slender Fungus
7. Movement of Fear
8. Real Life
9. Rain
Disc Two
1. GO! (Club Mix)
2. Christian Says
3. Twist
4. Burning Skies
5. O.K., This is the Pops
6. You, the Night and the Music
7. When You're Smiling
8. There's Only One
9. Now We Lustre
10. A Bigger Splash
11. Copper
12. Means of Escape
13. Instrumental
14. Performance (7" version)
15. Shakes
16. Heartbreak Hotel (live)/interview

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Siouxsie and the Banshees - A Kiss In The Dreamhouse {1982}

The well-titled A Kiss In The Dreamhouse turned Banshees to (twisted) romance as they balanced experimentation with new styles, backings and sonic textures with a growing -- if subversive -- pop vocabulary. Great tunes abound but no breakout hits. The Cocteau Twins start here.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Seduced By Suicide - Gothic Dream

01. My Sweetest Choice
02. The Death of My life
03. Our Gothic Dream
04. Hurt Me Plenty
05. Just Another Thrill

Genre(s) : Gothic

Monday, January 7, 2008

Sleepless - Vodka and Tears

Sleepless is a now-defunct goth-rock/deathrock band from São Paulo, SP (Brazil). Sleepless started playing around in the Sao Paulo goth scene in 1995. Some of their gigs included many Espaço Retrô appearances, as well as shows at Armageddon, Soulshadow's one-year aniversary party, and others.
Formed by Rodrigo Martins, Nelson Pascuareli and Julia B., the band eventually went through many members, including Marcelo Zambello (guitars), Pedro and Pablo C. (guitar and bass), Celia (keys, vocals), Marian (bass, keys) and Chileno (guitars). Marian and Chileno have been active in the SP goth scene and continue to play together in DEATHWISH (br).





The City's on Fire



White Walls

Torture Room

Cri du Chat


Kings of Decadence

Genre(s) : Gothic

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Clan Of Xymox – Medusa

"After The Call"
"Agonised By Love"
"Back Door"
"Theme I"
"Theme II"

Genre(s) : ElectroGoth

Thursday, December 27, 2007

SHERAPHIM SHOCK Halloween Sex Vegas

Easily Denver's best-known gothic/metal/rock band with a HUGE international cult following from Australia to Austria to Austin. Started in 1997 with the gothic classic "Red Silk Vow" album featuring the hit song "After Dark", and followed up by the huge 1999 EP "Nightmares for the Banished", after a multi-year hiatus Seraphim Shock is back with a decidedly more aggressive and rock-based sound with their newest album "Halloween Sex n' Vegas". Incredible male vocals and tunes you won't be able to get out of your head, Seraphim Shock also brings a tremendous live show on their national tours.

1.Joy Ride Ta Hell
2. Sin City
3. Shapeshifter
4. Halloween Sex N' Vegas
5. Morning Star
6. Welcome To Heaven
7. White Trash Satan
8. All Better
9. Halloween Girl
10. Perfect Life
11. Sex Toy
12. Prey
13. Happily Ever After
Pass : blackveil

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

COCTEAU TWINS - Tishbite cd1 & cd2

(Disc 1)
March 1996 Mercury Records/FontanaCTCD5 11 minutes, 23 seconds
1 Tishbite
2 Primitive Heart
3 Flock of Soul

(Disc 2)
March 1996Mercury Records/FontanaCTDD511 minutes, 21 seconds
1 Tishbite
2 Round
3 An Elan